The cobalt / ultramarine blue seems to inhabit the cities and villages of the UK as much as its people.

BLUE-MINGHAM = the Brummie urban space dominated by few specific tones of blue.


My sensorial and artistic obsession with blue started in 2012, as I could only paint on a basis of blue-orange 

simultaneous contrast.

Since I moved to Birmingham in 2016,

my senses activated to a higher degree, seeing blue in the largest and tiniest details alike.  

I then project it onto the canvas/paper/card/...

in a creative representation of 

the Blue-mmie landscape that expands to the whole United Kingdom.

This fueled a

treasure-hunt type of urban strolling, capturing the blue(s) in their physical locations.

B1 3EP


Do you remember that mass debate/controversy about

the dress

A phone-taken picture went viral in a blink of an eye, dividing the media-access-privileged world into the #whiteandgold vs the #blackandblue supporters.   

Yet, the buzz created around such a lowly topic actually brought attention to some key aspects about human perception, more precisely, about

its subjectivism/relativity.

Now, what do you see around you?
Do you even really look around you?
« Look » as in observing new
or small details of places.
Gazing at the surroundings
can help you understand
where you are

why & how.