« Work in progress »

​Do we generally tend to

think this indicates a

process of constructing

(0+ rather than 10-)? 

​Let's see...

B16 8NH

In the context of

Edgbaston House [2018] 

it would be 18-...

After 40+ years since it was first sketched on paper, Edgbaston House completed a full circle, ending up as building outline of a regenerated quarter. 
I was lucky enough to enjoy a bizarre sense of aesthetic pleasure watching the demolition work in progress.

Materiality /

 Geometrical structures / 

Light-shadow interplays / 

were revealed weekly as the

18 stores were reduced to 0.

Influenced by Eastern-European background (with an urban landscape dominated by soviet-style housing of tower blocks), I assumed that my object of gaze was a former residence building and wondered why and how the (community of) dwellers must have experienced relocation.
Assumption invalidated:
Edgbaston House was an office block. 
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